SEO Starter Package for Travel Agents

Online Agency is now offering a Search Engine Optimization Starter Package for Travel Agent Websites.  The SEO Starter Package is a cost effective option for those agents that want to do it themselves but do not have the time or are not sure where to start.  This new offering bridges the gap from a complete do it yourself and a full Search Engine Optimization Package that can cost thousands of dollars.  The starter package includes the following:

  • Site analysis report: Our SEO expert will review your site and provide you a report that lets you know where you stand on the search engines as your site is now and what needs to be done to improve your search engine presence.
  • Create or update Meta Tags on Home Page and 4 additional key pages*
  • Create Site Map File for Google Site Maps Program
  • Conversion to Search Engine Friendly Page names for up to 5 pages**
  • Submission to major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Instructions for adding website links to Social Network Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace
  • Custom Action Plan for things that you need to keep up with to continue building your search engine presence.

Once you have purchased the SEO Action Plan you will receive an email with a link to our SEO Intake form where you can answer several questions about your agency and we can begin developing your SEO Plan.   Once we get that information we can start looking at your site, assessing where you are now and what we need to do to get you on the right path.

* In order to complete this part of the project we must have full access to your HTML Documents including the HEAD tags of your pages.
**Not all Content Management Systems and some Templated sites to not support Friendly Page Names.

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