• Happy Holidays to All Our Clients

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    Happy Holidays to all our clients and their loved ones!! Levelfield.com/OnlineAgency.com wishes you, your families, and businesses a happy December full of fun events, ugly sweaters, moments giving to people that need it most, and a healthy, prosperous new year! Our headquarters are in Austin, TX and a CRAZY thing happened yesterday. It snowed! Not just a few flurries , but real snow - I saw facebook posts of people making snowmen, snow angels, having snowball fights – so much fun! What a great Holiday event for us. Fortunately it’s all gone today – all of the fun and none of the clean up. It reminds us to savor the surprising and special moments of life, but you don’t always have to wait for a snow event. You can create that same feeling about your business by letting the people you care about know that you are thinking of them. I just want to thank all of our clients for trusting us over the last 17+ years with their software needs (website design and hosting, email hosting, email marketing, promotion builders in the travel sites we host, small business, chambers of commerce, etc). Enjoy your special moments and don’t forget to slow down, enjoy yourself in that moment, focus on the good things to be thankful for, and be kind to the human beings you come across every day (some of us have a hard time during this season – you never know what someone is going through)!

  • End Of Summer – Back to Education!

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    As the hot summer starts to change into fall, for some that means back to school! If you don’t know anyone going back to school, autumn can be a good time to spend productive hours educating yourself on how to market your business and maintaining the website you have neglected during your vacation and/or busy season (depending on your business)! Always on our website in the Customer Support section, there has been a link to view help in many areas of your website. It’s www.levelfieldhelp.com. However, if you have looked at this and did not find out how to do what you need to do, we can give you a 45-60 minute phone tutorial to give you a basic understanding of how the back end of the website works and how to use it to your advantage! Over time this is likely to bring in more potential clients to you on the internet! We can also make recommendations on what our most successful clients do to market to current clients from their website tools! Call our sales line at 866-489-4889 today to schedule your personal tutorial!

  • Spring Cleaning...

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    mobile friendly

    Greetings and Happy Spring from Online Agency/Levelfield.com!!  At this time of year when the snow-capped states start to thaw and new life starts budding everywhere, the need to freshen things up always gets awakened!  Buying fresh new plants for your home, cleaning out old files and emails, and learning new things that could help your business grow are at the top of many lists.  As we talk with more and more of our wonderful clients we realize that having a fresh, updated website is an important thing. You are representing your company with this site. It should at least look neat, have colors that work, not busy with too much content, and have all the old outdated sales, promotions, and links taken off the site. 

    Mobile smartphones and tablets are here to stay, so having a mobile friendly site may be something to consider.  It makes the site more relevant to the search engine companies and will look good and move on small, shifting screens! We have some lower cost options and some higher end options for those who want to be more competitive in the world wide web!! Ask our sales
    department about it today.

  • A New Year....

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    Greetings, Travel Business

    Happy Holidays to all our clients and families.  Online Agency/Levelfield.com wishes you, your families, and businesses a happy and prosperous new year!  The holidays remind us of the family and friends we love and some of the relationships we have lost (through whatever reason).  Those relationships could be personal or business.  However, my philosophy is that all relationships are personal no matter where they come from.   As a business owner that has had a travel and small business website company that has been successfully operating for more than 15 years, it’s those connections that have kept us in business and kept us pushing forward to do better in our website designs, promotion of our great company, and our customer service.  It has not been perfect, but as the new year rolls in we keep our eyes on our most valued clients and friends with a renewed commitment to improve!   

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