Frequently Asked Questions

OnlineAgency's Role

Q. Do you provide tech support?
A. Yes. You have unlimited access to our Tech Support department through email, and you can call if you really need to (512 401-9200). In addition we have a lot of help info available online, a monthly newsletter chock full of advice, and a public forum where you can learn tips and tricks from other users and developers.

Q. Do you market my website? Register with me with search engines? How will my site be found.
A. Marketing online (just like off) is a very individualistic pursuit - and is best done by the individual trying to get the business. We provide a ton of help in the same way we do for technical stuff. We also list all of the promotions you create in our travel specials directory.

Q. What do I need and need to know?
A. You need a computer that is hooked up to the Internet, and you need to know how to perform basic functions. If you can use a word processor you can use our template editor, and manage your supplier information, and enter promotions. You will need to know some HTML or know someone that does in order to integrate OLA. into an existing site.

Q. Are you affiliated with a consortium or travel agency?
A. No. We work with everyone, as an open travel platform.



Booking Engines

Q. Are you a booking engine?
A. No

Q. Can I link to booking engines?
A. Yes, in fact we'll even help you out. We have customers that link to booking engines of all shapes and sizes - for suppliers, crs's, consortia, etc.




Q. Do I have to use your suppliers?
A. We have 90+ suppliers that have content and promotions in the system. You have complete control over which one's will appear on your site. You also get to feature and order them - so that certain one's promotions will show up more frequently.

Q. Can I put my own specials in?
A. Absolutely. You can put them in for participating suppliers, and for those that aren't. That way if there is an Alaskan Cruise special that you really want your customers to see, but the supplier isn't a member of OLA. you can still have it show on your site.



All about you

Q. Do I have to be a Travel Agent?
A. No, but we do not sell travel so you will need to have a relationship with a registered Travel agency that can sell the trips.

Q. Can we use other web services (chat, voice over IP, etc.)?
A. You bet. You can link to any web site, and you can use almost any service with your OLA. web site.

Q. How do I pay?
A. We accept most major credit cards and have monthly and yearly pricing available.




Q. Do you share our information with anyone? Sell, rent, or do otherwise with it?
A. No, we don't. We do use aggregate information, but you have control over your individual info.

Q. Do you share, rent, sell, or otherwise our customer list (customers registered in my guest book)?
A. Absolutely not. Again, we do use aggregate info (how many people came through the network in the month of June, how many folks were interested in Alaska, etc.) but no individual info is used by us in any way - unless you instruct us to do something.

Q. Can I take my guest book with me if/when I leave?
A. Absolutely. It's your business - it's your guest book.

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