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    mobile friendly

    Greetings and Happy Spring from Online Agency/Levelfield.com!!  At this time of year when the snow-capped states start to thaw and new life starts budding everywhere, the need to freshen things up always gets awakened!  Buying fresh new plants for your home, cleaning out old files and emails, and learning new things that could help your business grow are at the top of many lists.  As we talk with more and more of our wonderful clients we realize that having a fresh, updated website is an important thing. You are representing your company with this site. It should at least look neat, have colors that work, not busy with too much content, and have all the old outdated sales, promotions, and links taken off the site. 

    Mobile smartphones and tablets are here to stay, so having a mobile friendly site may be something to consider.  It makes the site more relevant to the search engine companies and will look good and move on small, shifting screens! We have some lower cost options and some higher end options for those who want to be more competitive in the world wide web!! Ask our sales
    department about it today.

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