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Travel Universal has built its reputation by providing quality service and value to their clients. Four years ago, 80% of their revenue came from airline ticket sales. Today, more than 85% of Travel Universal's revenue comes from the Internet. Web marketing using OnlineAgency has enabled them to break free from the dependency on the airlines and move into selling the specialties they have always wanted to focus on.


Terri Maldonado wanted a home-based travel business that would appear as big and sophisticated as any national conglomerate. She launched her website in 1998, and as the only agent, booked slightly more than $200K of gross sales in cruises. Today, she has a network of 16 independent travel ambassadors working with her. To date in 2002, they have collectively booked more than 20 groups and 500 individual vacations. From its inception, Cruisegal was intended to be a virtual entity. Terri and her network place a huge emphasis on personal interaction facilitated through the technology provided by OnlineAgency.


At 28, Jennifer Dugan has been a Travel Agent for 9 years. The owner of Dugans Travels, she started her home-based agency in 1997 when she had her first child. Her need to be at home with him and still have an income made her take a leap into owning her own business. Her desire to help others become work-at-home agents coupled with her desire to make her agency a strong force in the industry has paid off. She now has over 85 agents working with her agency from their homes.

Randall Burckhardt
Starward First Travel

"I just had to write to tell you that we are delighted with the new platform. Our weekend email requests were up 100% from what we are used to at this time of year. That's not just an expression; our requests these troubled times I really get excited when something takes place to actually increase our business."

Molly Padilla
Four Corners Travel

"OLA has cunningly stumbled onto a success formula for travel agents. Keep it simple, interesting, inexpensive and easy to use. My first web site (non OLA) languished for almost two years without a single update or change to the original version... Thanks to OLA's simple push button, fill in the blanks technology, I created several new links and web pages. My paper newsletter articles are now available on line 24/7. The multitude of email, fax and direct mail promotions now have a home..."

Marty Trencher
Cruise Direct Online
Travel Direct Corporation

"Three years ago when we decided to build our web site we considered a number of content providers before we chose OnlineAgency. We were impressed with the depth and breadth of the content and the suppliers who supported the program. Over the years our web site has grown up along side of Online Agency, and today we have built our product offerings around their platform. Their support is top notch and their staff is always willing to listen and implement good ideas.

We are especially impressed with their new platform. As a result of the changes the OnlineAgency team has made, we've seen a significant increase in activity. Changes that have resulted in greater profits."

Rick Weller
Tramex Travel

"Being responsible for 9 websites, there is no way that I could manage the content for each of them without the help of OnlineAgency. OLA provides just what our customers are looking for, with little or no effort on my part. What a deal!"

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